A New Podcast Musical, and a Once in a Lifetime Story...

Once upon a time, two women met and had an instant connection. Faith and Charlie had shared values, common interests and an undeniable chemistry which made it clear to both of them: this could be something different than either of them had ever experienced before. Despite Faith's inexperience with women, or Charlie's commitment issues, they were both ready to take the next steps forward...

And then 2020 happened.

Once in a Lifetime is a musical love story about what happens that perfect person shows up at a less-than-perfect time. Set in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, the story of Charlie and Faith seeks to explore many of the questions that have come up for all of us in the past year. Most importantly: can  new love make it in "the new normal?"

This six-episode podcast features a breathtaking original song in every episode, phenomenal scoring, and an incredible cast that will make you laugh, cry, and root for a happy ending...whether or not it comes.

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The Cast

We are blessed and delighted to be working with the following amazing talents! 

    • Becca Lewis as Faith
    • Sam Dedian 
as Charlie
    • Linda Hildonen 
as Lisa
    • Tony Morin, Tamara Lilly 
and Sean Wallace as The Newscasters
    • Elinor Keyes
as Amy
    • Jacquie Baker 
as Amanda
    • Daniel Bridgman 
as Jordan
    • Glenn Atkins 
as Rick

    • Jamella Cross as Sonya
    • Thomas Smallwood
as Brody

• Amber Kachmar as April

About LinCo Media

LinCo Media is the creative partnership of Linda Hildonen and Colby Michaud, two passionate die-hards who have been working on this (our first project to go public!) for over a year.  Musicals are our passion, and we dream of a day where we can share our words and music with you on a full-time basis. Please consider signing up for updates to support us in realizing our vision!

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