APRIL 5TH, 2023

Greetings from the Offices of The Tooth Fairy. It is our pleasure to announce a new collaboration with The North Pole, Inc.: In an effort to fight the growing epidemic of poor oral hygiene, The Tooth Fairy will be partnering with Santa Clause himself!

Starting immediately, our offices will be sharing data with The North Pole. What this means is that there's a whole new way for the children of your family to earn points towards being on "The Nice List"-- just brush your teeth!

All children who brush their teeth at least once a day will automatically earn points towards their Christmastime rankings: but beware, this goes both ways, and children who do not brush their teeth may find themselves on "The Naughty List" this year.

In an order to make this transition go more smoothly for your entire family, our elves have dropped off a brand new Oral Hygiene kit in your bathroom! Please feel free to check it out and start your new habit immediately!

Happy Brushing!